B’resheet (Genesis) 41:1-44:17
Miketz, which means "at the end of. . ." continues Joseph's adventure in Egypt. Pharaoh has two dreams that none of his advisors can interpret. The cupbearer remembers Joseph and tells Pharaoh about him. Joseph is brought from jail and interprets Pharaoh's dreams to mean that Egypt will have seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Pharaoh puts Joseph in charge of his land. When the famine strikes, Jacob sends his sons, except for Benjamin, to Egypt. When they arrive, Joseph recognizes his brothers and accuses them of coming to spy in his land. They tell him that they have come for food and that they have an elderly father and one younger brother. Joseph seizes Simeon and tells the brothers that he will not go free until they return with their youngest brother. He takes their money and sends them off with sacks of food. Later, they discover that each of their sacks contains the money they had previously given to Joseph. As the famine worsens, Jacob tells his sons to return to Egypt. They remind Jacob that they cannot return without Benjamin. Judah pledges that Benjamin will be safe. When his brothers return to Egypt, Joseph frees Simeon and invites the brothers to his house for a banquet. He has yet to reveal his identity. When the banquet concludes, he orders that the brothers' bags be filled with food and that his wine cup be secretly placed in Benjamin's bag. After the brothers depart, Joseph sends his steward to pursue and arrest them for stealing his wine cup. They reply that they have taken nothing. When the wine cup is found in Benjamin's bag, the brothers are brought back to Joseph's house. He informs them that he will keep Benjamin as a slave but release the rest of them.
Shabbat Readings
Torah: B’resheet 41:1-7
Writings of the Apostles:
Yochanan ( John) 15:1-5
Psalm: 23

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